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to his first own website welcome you

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Itīs nice, that you found my site. It was a long way, till the moment this site looks like today. But please note  the version. So it may be, that the one and other is just realy incomplete.

Please feel free to look around.

I will be happy, to read, what you think about this site.

Please use the guest-book,  or write me a mail.


And here are the basic facts.

born: in May 1961

momentary residence: Leipzig/Germany

relationship:  single

professional:  offset-printer by profession, study, still in the print - business

hobbys:  music, computer, internet, graphics, literature, cooking

sport:  hiking, outdoor, biking, swimming

my expectations of the internet and this site:   many interesting new contacts

if you want to know more about me, please send a mail

you can chat with me on ICQ #  65671985.