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Music is just really a matter of taste. Who will decide, what is good or not so good. You can like it or not. And the definition of music seems to become difficult. But this should not play a role, not here.

For me is music important. And so I try to treat it. When I listen to music, whoīs to my taste, I canīt hear it incidently. I must concentrate. According how intensive I hear it, the more bigger is the pleasure. Music is art. At least a part of that, what you can buy today under this label. And art needs attention.

It is not easy for me to select from the music i like. Here are only a few links.

The links are in alphabetical order and not a list of popularity. The best thing will be, you link around and decide by yourself.


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ASIA - Music i canīt describe really. You must hear it by yourself and then get your own opinion. The list of the musicians is like a Best Of. In the beginning there played Steve Howe from YES and Carl Palmer from ELP. And so still the music is - Best Of The Best.

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DREAM THEATER, isnīt it that Heavy Band ...  Admittedly, in the past Metal was not one of my favourit music. But after my discovery of  TRANSATLANTIC I decided to hear to the "original" bands of the musicians. So I landed by DREAM THEATER and I was enthusiastic about. Very nice Prog - Metal from the ballads up to harder material. But for me the sound seems to be more honestly as all this chart-musik. And sometimes it must be a little louder and harder.


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EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, the primary rocks of rockmusic. Through their transfomation of classic music with modern means I got a new way to the classic music. When it was at school a necessary evil, to hear classic music, I found a new way to this music through ELP.

The Music of ELP is very straight, without many frills and some songs not so easy. But I like it much. If you define todayīs music as childish and impatient, so will I define the music of ELP as adult and serious.


FISH was the singer of  Marillion. With him, the band become success.  Onetime I saw this band live. That was a great gig.

The solos of  FISH are great music in the same way like the albums of Marillion. There are simple ballads and concept albums, everything good reasoned and excellent arranged. It is funny to listen to this music. Go and see for yourself.


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GENESIS, ....... what should I say. You must love it. The Music is always very pleasant. Just nice to hear. Mostly I like to hear the music of the first albums. The songs are detailed at great length and sometimes very artistic. To enjoy this music, often I use the headphone. No disturbing noise. Pure pleasure.

And do you think to all the good musicians, that played by GENESIS and who are meanwhile great soloists. Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins,

The theme GENESIS is neverending, but many words canīt say what this music take effect. O.k. listen to the music.


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HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH show me, that today are still good bands, who not only know how to operate a computer, and who donīt want to sell the neverending line up of words without connection or monotonous  beats, as music. The music of Hootie & The Blowfish is very fresh and pleasant. Itīs a great fun to hear this music.


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KANSAS or donīt you know them ? To know this band and their music, is in any case a enrichment for fans. From soft ballads up to rocksongs you can find all. And all in best quality. Especially impress me the instrumentation. Often is the violin on of the important instruments. My rating: absolutely good to hear !

Some times ago the last album comes out, SOMEWHERE TO ELSEWHERE. Simply great stuff !


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LED ZEPPELIN belongs a deeply rooted place in history of modern rockmusic. I think that no other band establisht the development of hard rock and heavy metal more than this band. Time to time I put on the old records. It is timeless music, not always easy but always different.

And in my opinion  STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN is the greatest song ever. Isnīt it so ?


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WOLF MAAHN is german rock music in best quality. Music and words  are right. The words are not so flat and empty as the songs from other german singing artists. This music never will be a bore, you can hear it again and again.


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PINK FLOYD attract attention to me years ago. It must be in 1975. In my opinion, this music set off, from the masses of music. It was a special one. The songs mostly were longer as others and the sound was not so average. They were "psychedelic". And thats what i like. And today are the gentleman still excellently musicians. I hope, that we can expect the one and other new album in the future.


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TRANSATLANTIC - for me without doubt the personal musical discovery of the year 2001. I heard a "small piece"  from a  sampler with prog-rock-music, bought the first album and I could not let off since this time. It was indescribable what there comes to my ears. Wonderful music, very living rockmusic, songs with running times over 20 minutes. And all very fresh and with big fun recordet. It is indiscribable. You must hear that sound !! Actual this band is only a "second job" for the four musicians. Normally they are members of MARILLION, DREAM THEATER, THE FLOWER KINGS and SPOCKīS BEARD. Meanwhile I own all of the three records of the band and I only can hope, that there will follow many more.


yesworld.jpg (8036 Byte) YES is beyond doubt one of my favorite bands.

I like this Music, because it is verry deep, often verry pregnant and artistic. You must take some time to enjoy this sound. But it will be worth.

Who hear music only incidently, as an acoustic underground of the day, should renounce to hear YES music.

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I think, I must complete this site day by day. The number of web-sites to my favorite bands will be bigger every day.

And some times there is one, who you should see.


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